20 October, 2017


What is a Board of Directors?


  • The governing body for an Organisation and as such, all major decisions are approved by the Board of Directors. 


  • Appointed persons (Board of Director Members) that together, actively and jointly, oversee the activities of the Organisation.


  • A group of people that work together in an organised way for a commonly shared purpose, presuming a sense of integrity and credibility for the Organisation


Why does EXSA require a Board?



  • Any public limited or private company requires a Board of Directors constituted for the purpose of management and accountability to the Organisation.


  • The concept of a Board of Directors is that it provides an umbrella for the Association to operate in, where decisions and actions taken by its management, are reviewed and held to the mirror.


  • To ensure that ethical and normative rules of conduct of corporate governance are followed, as a set of rules, principles, better practices, processes and procedures, by which EXSA is directed and controlled. These are the guidelines as to how the Board can fulfil its mission, realise its vision and add value to all Industry shareholders and stakeholders.


  • For Association members to raise queries, forward relevant complaints and for grievance redressal.


  • To provide technical and managerial guidance, based on Industry experience.


Meet our Team

EXSA is pleased to introduce the Board members for the period leading up to the EXSA AGM, which is to be held in January 2018.

                                         DOUG RIX                                                                                            GILL GIBBS

        DK DESIGN                                                                                              BLUCUBE 

  Chair for EXSA Board                                                                        Chair of W Cape Forum and
    till Jan 2018 AGM                                                                            Vice Chair for EXSA Board
                                                                                                                     till Jan 2018 AGM

                                      ANDREW GIBBS                                                                                 NEIL NAGOOROO

       CONCEPT G                                                                                           SA TOURISM
Treasurer for EXSA Board                                                                        Previous Past Chair of                                                                                                                                    EXSA Board

DAKSHA VALLABH                                                                        ADELE VON WELL – GL EVENTS
SANDTON CONVENTION CENTRE                                                            Chair of Young
                                                                                                                 Professionals Forum                                                            


PATRICK CRONNING                                                                               SANDILE MAKHANYA

  EXPO GUYS                                                                                                   DURBAN ICC

EXSA Chair, Doug Rix says, ‘’ As a Board Member, you should understand the role of the Board on which you sit and subsequently, your role as a member of that Board. Our Board of Director members bring valuable expertise to the party with respect to Industry knowledge and experience, operations, finance, marketing, sales, business contacts and professional networks. We look forward to ACTIVELY and EFFECTIVELY working together for the benefit of our members and ALL Industry Stakeholders.’’