20 November, 2017




Creating an industry that raises the odds and a platform to raise the industry…

The Exhibition and Events Industry is starting to show signs of cautious, yet slow optimism. Further to the recent UFI Global Congress held at Sandton Convention Centre, on average internationally, Trade Show organisations are showing growth with an increase in turnover and rising profits, however, a significant level of uncertainty is forecast for the second half of 2017 in Africa and the Middle East with fewer companies expecting an increase in turnover. On the local front, we can all attribute to the fact that the effect of the economy on our Industry business is evident.

UFI states that South African companies declaring an increase of more than 10% in annual operating profits have also decreased from 39 percent in 2016 to 15 percent in 2017, with the majority of companies indicating that their operating profits are stable. Top business issues on a global scale are cited as: the state of the national ?regional economy with sluggish economic growth, competition from within the industry, global economic developments and internal challenges. As Industry leaders, we must maintain a positive outlook, approach and focus, ride the rocky economic wave and we will reap the benefits when the economy turns. There is an event or exhibition every other day and this attracts business for all stakeholders in our Industry.

It is all about with whom you associate. EXSA#transformation represents the interests of our members. Our focus and objective is to advance the cause of the Association. It is a case of getting as much out of the Association as you put in as a member. Associations are only as good as the member companies and people who belong. A sound and strong Industry Association, where information is widely reported, shared, dissected and discussed, provides far more data points to consider when making critical business decisions.

EXSA#transformation is about critical information exchange and best practice sharing. A credible Industry Association offers the ability for members to converse with their peers about the state of the business and the Industry at large. A member will obtain as much information as they are willing to provide. Every Association member benefits from a rising tide – in context, the Exhibition and Event Industry. An open mind and a keen ear for listening is always beneficial to enable new learnings in surprising and different ways – very different thinking from previous interactions with the Association. Learning from your peers, and even competitors, is invigorating. It’s all about becoming better and maintaining healthy business and personal relationships with competitors that you ordinarily, try to beat every day.


SAACI Year End function 24 November 12h00 to 16h00

EXSA Year End function 6 December 2017

EXSA is recharging over the festive season from 15 December and opening 9 January 2018