Tourism HR Canada and Emerit Proud to Partner with EXSA

22 February, 2017

The EXSA Academy is working to establish Emerit International Event Management as the African benchmark.
Tourism HR Canada is proud to be working with the Exhibition and Event Association of Southern Africa’s EXSA Academy to distribute and promote Emerit training and certification through their program offerings.
“Training and certification from Emerit is recognized around the world as the best competency-based training available for the tourism sector,” said Tourism HR Canada President Philip Mondor. “By distributing and promoting Emerit to the African events industry, EXSA and the EXSA Academy is helping us reach our goal of establishing Emerit’s International Events Management Standards and the Certified Event Management Professional (CEMP) designation as the industry standard in Africa.”
The International Event Management competency standards and certification program were written and validated by international experts, practitioners, and educators. They represent the collective expertise of Event Management Professionals and industry leaders across the globe, and include the full range of skills and knowledge required to be successful as an event management professional anywhere in the world.
About Tourism HR Canada
Tourism HR Canada is a national organization working for the tourism sector in Canada. It is recognized as a global leader in setting occupational standards, building competency frameworks, developing occupational training and certification programs under the Emerit brand, conducting research into the tourism labour market, and analyzing the resulting data to plan and implement HR strategies for the industry.
About EXSA
EXSA, the Exhibition and Events Association, was founded in 1980 as a non-profit organisation, and is a passionate and committed platform that helps members of the industry connect, engage and grow. Our core strategy is to actively grow and develop the exhibition and events industry within Southern Africa.