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We would like to thank all our woman warriors in the industry for their huge contribution to our industry and wish them all an EXSA-llent Women’s Day!

This year our focus is on a Woman that has stood out and fought with passion, integrity, leadership and a very high work ethic and standard of delivery.

Kerry-Lee Bester started Brilliant Branding in 2002. Her philosophy has always been about quality over quantity. She has been providing her clients exceptional work for the past 21 years and always strives to improve on her last effort.

Brilliant Branding is very much a strong, female run company, they all stand out on site in their bright pink corporate wear, infectious laughter, and passion they have for all that they do, hence the delivery of their work is of the highest standard. Often the work they produce will be used to be repurposed or donated to the less fortunate.

Kerry’s philosophy on leadership is a simple one. She employs and trains the right people, then she ensures they are happy in their workplace by creating an organisation where there is transparency and equality. A happy staff are a productive staff, hence there is trust in her team’s output and eye for detail. This form of leadership has ensured that her projects are always of an exceptional standard which ensures happy clients. She is also a wonderful mother and wife, family means the world to her and she gives tirelessly of herself to them.

At EXSA, as the current longest standing board member, Kerry fights for the industry tirelessly, there is nothing she will not try and improve, change, or fight for if it means the industry is positively impacted. Her hand is the first to go up to give unselfishly of her time, resources and knowledge, if it is able to be achieved, she will endeavour to do what it takes to make it happen.

EXSA truly values Kerry, for her hard work, dedication and taking up the sword daily to ensure everyone benefits from the efforts she puts into making the industry amazing. Her work speaks for itself, in 2019, pre covid, at the last awards event, Brilliant Branding won the stand of the year. She is not about talking she is about doing and producing.

EXSA thanks Kerry for her contribution to both EXSA members and the industry alike and we salute you this woman’s day as our woman of the year!
This quote comes from her Facebook page and sums everything she strives to achieve beautifully, “ When you build others up, you increase your own height of greatness” Edison and Ford.