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Durban, South Africa – The Durban International Convention Centre (Durban ICC), Africa’s Leading Convention Centre, proudly welcomed a distinguished delegation from the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) and the Arusha International Convention Centre (AICC) in Tanzania. This historic visit marked a significant step in fostering cross-border collaboration and knowledge sharing within the convention centre industry.

The primary aim of the Tanzanian delegation’s visit was to gain insight into the best practices and operational excellence that the Durban ICC has become renowned for. With a stellar track record of hosting some of the world’s most prestigious international events, the Durban ICC stood as an exemplary institution for this knowledge exchange.

At the heart of this visit was the desire to forge strong professional relationships with fellow African convention centres. By doing so, the Durban ICC and its Tanzanian counterparts aspire to create a network of excellence that transcends borders. The delegation was particularly interested in showcasing the Durban ICC as a prime example of how a convention centre can achieve world-class standards.

One of the highlights of the delegation’s tour was witnessing the meticulous care and maintenance practices employed at the Durban ICC. This includes the innovative use of natural lighting through large glass facades, reducing the need for artificial lighting and contributing to environmental sustainability—an aspect highly regarded by the Tanzanian delegation.

Moreover, discussions during the visit explored the possibility of forming a marketing alliance known as the African Convention Centre Alliance. This alliance would serve as a platform for convention centres across the continent to collaborate, share resources, and collectively promote Africa as a premier destination for international events.

The Tanzanian Delegation was led by esteemed individuals:

  • Mr. Patrick Magologozi Mongella – Chairperson, Investment Committee
  • Ambassador Omar Yussuf Mzee – Member, Investment Committee
  • Ms. Beatrice Modest Kessy – Member, Investment Committee
  • Mr. Ephraim Balozi Mafuru – Managing Director, Arusha International Convention Centre
  • Ms. Faraja Evelyn Sulli – Customer Relations Officer
  • Mr. Wenceslaus Myanjamu – Treasury Registrar’s Office

This landmark visit also saw the active participation of local officials, including Mr.
George Mohlakoane, Acting Deputy City Manager for Economic Development, and Mr. Shunnon Tulsiram, Head of Economic Development for the municipality. The Durban ICC’s executive management team welcomed and engaged with the delegation, contributing to the rich exchange of insights.

“We are immensely proud to welcome our esteemed counterparts from the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre and the Arusha International Convention Centre,” said Lindiwe Rakharebe, Chief Executive Officer of the Durban ICC. “This visit symbolizes the spirit of cooperation and growth that is vital for Africa’s convention industry. The Durban ICC has always been committed to excellence, and we are excited to share our experiences and expertise to contribute to the development of convention centers across our continent. The formation of the African Convention Centre Alliance is a promising step towards realizing our shared vision of a thriving African meetings and events sector.”

The Durban ICC is proud to have hosted this esteemed delegation and looks forward to strengthening its relationship with the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC), the Arusha International Convention Centre (AICC), and other convention centers across Africa. Such partnerships will undoubtedly contribute to the continued growth and success of the convention industry on the continent.

The collaborative spirit displayed during this visit underscores the Durban ICC’s unwavering commitment to fostering international cooperation, sharing knowledge, and continuously striving for excellence in the convention centre industry. As the global events landscape continues to evolve, the Durban ICC looks forward to further opportunities for collaboration and growth within the African convention centre community.