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    EcoMobility: Influencing A Sustainable Behaviour

    If the government were to provide ecomobile public transportation for all South Africans, would this change the sustainability behaviours and perceptions towards a greener generation?
    The way in which transportation was perceived by South Africans is no longer the same, all thanks to the ecomobility World Festival that is currently taking place in the city of Joburg. EcoMobility has indeed changed the way South Africa moves, it has created a footprint and provided an effective solution to the emission and traffic congestion crisis in SA.

    The city of Joburg is one of the country`s worst traffic congested cities, hence it was ideal for the Festival to take place in the Sandton area. EcoMobile public transport will serve as a continued and effective solution for reshaping transportation in SA. However, these ecomobile vehicles do not come at a cheap cost as some may argue. It is disputed that the South African government should enforce the usage of ecomobile vehicles and make it available to the public. If ecomobility is practised throughout the country, it will make it much easier and convenient for everyone to adapt and become more aware of the impact that each individual has on the environment.

    Although the implementation of ecomobile vehicles plays a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion thus avoiding severe results of global warming, an implication does exist. Taking into consideration the fact that unemployment is a major concern for many in South Africa, business associations such as taxi and bus associations will be heavily implicated by the implementation and usage of ecomobile vehicles. A depreciation in customers (passengers) will occur as more and more commuters will take preference in using ecomobile vehicles as suppose to the everyday carbon dioxide contributors such as taxis and buses.

    I suppose that EcoMobility does have it`s implications, however when compared to the current public transport system it is by far the most effective solution for transportation in South Africa. There is no better time for the country to change the way in which it moves, all South Africans need to make the necessary changes before it is too late. 

    At RBJ Green Mobility, we say forward with EcoMobility and forward to a sustainable behaviour.

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