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    Eco-Mobility As A Transportation Solution In SA: Realistic Or Futuristic?

    Eco-mobility is currently seen as a global solution to alleviate challenges arising around GLOBAL WARMING. Researchers have proved that if nothing is done to reduce the impact of global warming, the consequences will be evident through climate changes and lack of basic human resources. One of the solutions to resolve this issue seems to exist through utilizing eco-mobility as a transportation solution in South Africa. There are a few factors which can be seen as a barrier to ensuring that this solution is successfully and efficiently implemented. One of those barriers being financial resources, although eco-mobility is a lifetime investment it is also important to acknowledge that it is quite costly to implement.

    Another barrier is a common issue of scepticism amongst some South African citizens. It is evident that people are fearful of change be it good or bad. This issue could be highly influenced by the lack of eco-mobility knowledge or the ignorance towards global warming awareness. The majority of older generations in SA especially in black communities are elders who are not educated above Matric level, for them the eco-mobility transportation solution may pose as being too futuristic.

    I suppose the reality of eco-mobility as a transportation solution in SA will be costly but it is of high importance that we look at the benefits of using this method as a solution. The impact of eco-mobility will reduce the chances of global warming issues whilst providing a solution that will benefit the environment and save basic resources such as electricity which is currently a major concern in South Africa.
    The reality is that South Africa needs to move forward through the inception of eco-mobility! Now is the time for innovation.

    CEO- Jeff Madibeng said, “Eco-mobility is a complete game changer and because it is the beginning of a whole new and innovative future, it is currently one of the greatest tasks at hand. At RBJ Green Mobility, we see eco-mobility as a whole new innovative movement that will restore, enhance the dignity and living standards of our people whilst reducing emission and energy consumption.”

    For more information about RBJ Marketing Solutions and RBJ Green Mobility,
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