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    A greenie's guide to recycling exhibition waste

    Justin Hawes, Managing Director of exhibition and events specialist, Scan Display, believes that industry players would be remiss not to pursue ways to reduce and recycle waste. “We really need to make sure that we’re not being wasteful as an industry, and sometimes small changes make a significant impact.”

    The attitude in the industry has definitely begun to shift to a more sustainable approach, says Hawes: “At Scan Display, we are committed to dealing with waste in a sustainable manner, re-using and recycling it wherever possible.”

    In the last few years the company has implemented many green practices in its offices and warehouses, partnering with the following organisations to recycle its waste and make it more sustainable:


    Scan Display’s Cape Town office uses the services of Interwaste to sort through all the waste generated in the production facility. They are committed to ensuring that waste generated by companies is recycled rather than going to landfill.

    “Interwaste helps Scan Display by correctly identifying waste streams and separating waste into the correct streams. This is done by a trained onsite Interwaste employee,” says Hawes.

    Sealand Gear

    Sealand Gear upcycles items that others may see as waste. They create bags, accessories and clothing from durable materials such a truck tarp, advertising billboard mesh, stretch tent material and old sail cloth.

    Hawes says: “Scan Display sends all its Poly Twill prints to Sealand Gear in Cape Town. These graphics often have colourful images and Sealand Gear is able to use the fabrics for its clothing and accessories. “

    The Soweto Sewing Company

    Scan Display supplies The Soweto Sewing Company with old graphics panels and banners for upcycling. The company has supported The Soweto Sewing Company for the last 12 years, providing the team with space at its Newtown factory and commissioning them to make the company’s corporate gifts, including bags and aprons, using local printed fabrics.

    In addition to working with local companies and communities that help the company recycle its waste, Scan Display is a founding member of the Event Greening Forum. The Event Greening Forum is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote sustainability within the events sector. “We’re working within the industry to educate people on how to become more sustainable in an industry where managing waste is often an afterthought,” says Hawes.

    Scan Display is always looking for creative ways to re-use elements from its stands. “We also make sure that we offer intelligent solutions that take into account our carbon footprint as a business, and work with partners that help us practice what we preach,” concludes Hawes.



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