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    Stand out and be different with interactive exhibition stands

    An interactive exhibition stand won’t only grab the attention of visitors, but should also attract potential customers and keep them there long enough for a client’s sales team to determine the interest levels in the product range or learn what the visitor’s specific needs are, says Doug Rix, managing director of DK design.

    Beyond the first step of impressive stand designs and creative graphics, you should also establish what your goals are for the exhibition, these could include making sales, educating the public, or building leads. Experienced EXSA exhibition designers  will then work with you to incorporate creative and suitable interactive elements on your stand that are in line with your campaigns goals - creating a stand experience visitors won’t forget anytime soon. This could include LIVE demo’s, working product models, interactive consoles and games.

    We take a look at some tried and successful interactive exhibition stand ideas:

    Technology at work

    Whether your stand is still in the early stages of designing or whether it is already built, adding interactive technologies is now an essential addition to exhibition display.

    The Bokeh Fashion Film Festival & HOTT3D team developed a green screen activation that was used for the launch of Mercedes AMG GTS’s national roadshow. Visitors to the activation where filmed, their footage was then spliced into the international AMG GTS advertisement and posted to youtube, where they could share it on their own social media channels including twitter, facebook and youtube. The activation stand was hugely popular at all 3 activation sites with thousands of youtube videos created.



    Concept G incorporated an Oculus, a Virtual Reality (VR) head-mounted display into a stand they built for Siemens at the Africa Rail Expo 2016.  Visitors on the stand were able to immerse themselves in a Rail generated programme in VR. This software is specifically generated and customised for use on the Oculus. What the individual experiences through the headset and the specific programme in Virtual Reality, is then viewed by the audience on an LCD screen. By adding VR to the stand, Siemens are able to simulate a user's physical presence in a Rail environment, to enable the user to interact with this space.


    Innovative technology brings a new aspect and an enhancement to any stand just on the basis of the cutting edge technology and new age logic, which is the obvious “next step” in exhibition design. The Exhibitionist commissioned to design a 6x3, 5m tall exhibition stand for ZenProp Property Holdings, features and incorporates the use of hologram projection and Infra-red touch technology.  Using some of the latest technology, with exceptional design to make a stand that is both memorable and interactive. 


    Add Games

    Encourage visitors to play games on your stand with great prizes (incorporating your company’s details) as giveaways. This acts as a way to help people remember your company after the show ends.

    Scan Display successfully used their Modulbox to create an interactive display at this year’s Loeries Expo. Delegates were required to rotate a ‘wall of balls’ to create unique patterns, images or messages. Those who were able to create the required image the fastest would win a prize. This fun competition created excitement amongst delegates as they competed against their peers, friends and colleagues to the see who could beat the fastest time on the leader board.

    The engaging activation created great brand awareness for Scan Display and its Modulbox which is the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor events, activations and exhibitions.


    Expo Guys incorporated a “colouring wall” into an otherwise ordinary stand for the Johannesburg Expo Centre at Meetings Africa. The stand drew interest from everyone and encouraged participation. By integrating the current trend of adult colouring, the Expo Guys team was able to add a playful element to the stand allowing the staff to interact with visitors for a longer period of time.


    Amazon have an ongoing need for high level, problem solving individuals to join their digital team. The HOTT3D team working together with Amazon’s, agency Pulling Rabbitsdevised giant versions of specific games to test an individual’s problem solving ability. By doing so Amazon were able to create a shortlist of candidates who they then contacted post show for further interviews. Using this method cut out the need for (expensive) recruitment agencies, gave insight into a person’s abilities and allowed Amazon staff to speak to potentials face-to-face.

    AmazonrAgeExpo 2014HOTT3Dsmall520x346

    In the fan park of the Top Gear Festival in 2013,HOTT3D team with JWT Cape Townhad the opportunity to develop a highly interactive activation for Shell. Amongst others the highlights of this activation pavilion included.

    1. F1 racing SIMs - the fastest drivers on the SIMs went onto the shortlist for a turn on the worlds most advanced racing simulator, the Cruden Motion Simulator.

    2. The Cruden Motion Simulator was the highlight of this activation and attracted not only the public, but all of the media houses that attended and was widely featured on many television shows in the following weeks.

    3. F1 tyre change competition. A stop watch system was incorporated so that visitors could compete against one another to see who could change an F1 tyre the fastest. This created serious competition to see who could top the leader board.

    The engaging elements of this activation created great brand awareness for Shell SA. View the setup for this project here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McZoCu1GDzA







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