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    3 Reasons Why You Need Flexibility From Your Merchant Services Provider

    Flexibility in the Merchant Services Industry refers to the ability to change your contract and product requirements as your business changes.

    Many service providers have one product offering that binds you both contractually and financially for an extended period of time.

    If you’re lucky and they have more than one product to choose from however, most likely you will still end up doing a new merchant application each time you want to change your product…with endless amounts of paper work.

    We pride ourselves in being the most flexible service provider as our merchants can change product offerings (choosing between various terminals such as card machines, smart phone solutions and online payment solutions) or contract periods (choosing between expo, month-month or fixed term). This can be done without redoing merchant applications or being forced to cancel one service for the other…and they can do this as often as they like! We work with each merchant to ensure that their service is suited to their business needs, even if this changes seasonally.

    Flexibility can make a big impact in any business by lowering overheads and providing better levels of service delivery.

    Today we will present three different situations which describe why your business needs a flexible merchant services provider.

    1. You’re just getting started:

    So you’ve set up shop, gotten the ball rolling and want to become an entrepreneurial success but with all your input costs you are wondering if you shouldn’t rather stick it out with cash only sales for now.

    This would be a monumental mistake as up to two thirds of payments made by consumers are done by card! So now you are left looking for merchant services that don’t cost you an arm and a leg and provides great service. Impossible? We think not.

    Here is how we would solve this particular conundrum. Take a look at our awesome smartphone paired device.

    WAPPoint Smartphone Terminal Offering – Payment Pebble®

    This device works almost exactly like a traditional mobile credit and debit card machine and will cost you next to nothing. The Payment Pebble® is ideal for start-ups and if that’s you, take a look at our Smartphone Terminals Explained blog post for more info using smartphone terminals in your business.

    Another thing that you should know is that with our offering you do not have to pay for a new device if yours breaks! Yes, that’s right. Other suppliers may offer you ownership with a 3-6 month guarantee or warranty but once something goes wrong, you are forced to buy a new machine. With WAPPoint you get yours for free if you can return the broken one.

    The best thing is that you can easily upgrade with us as your business grows. If you also exhibit at events, markets or festivals then adding a Payment Pebble® to your point of sale arsenal will offer you greater flexibility in where and how you accept payments.

    You’re already an established business in need of something more hard-core:

    As amazing as smartphone terminals are, if you are doing large volumes of transactions for extended periods of time then you need to take a look at our mobile debit and credit card machines. These little guys offer you a universally recognised design, user-friendliness and a robust battery life.

    WAPPoint Mobile Debit & Credit Card Machines

    We know that each business has its own set of needs and require personalised service to achieve set goals. The great thing about our mobile debit and credit card machines is that you can customise your package! Take a look at the different package choices that we offer:

    - You’re an exhibitor that only focuses on direct sales at expos, festivals or markets. We’ll supply you with a card machine on an Exhibition Rental that you can rent for that particular event only without being bound by additional costs or commitments.

    - If you are a seasonal trader you can opt for a Month-To-Month Rental package that allows you to use our card machines when you need it and return it for the months that you don’t.

     - After a few years you realise that you will require a credit card for the remainder of your business lifespan. Why should you pay endless rental fees to use the same machine for years to come? Our answer is that you don’t have to. WAPPoint offers both Rent-To-Own and Outright Purchase options that allow you to drastically cut your long term costs! If you’re worried about what might go wrong later on, you can use one of our support or service plans to ensure that you are covered and still pay less than the monthly rentals from other suppliers.

    It is very important that you understand the implications of the package that you either currently use or are looking at signing up for. Many businesses simply get merchant services from their bank without looking around and possibly end up with a package that may not suit their business requirements. We will do our utmost to match or beat your existing transaction fees so that you can confidently switch to us and benefit from our unique solution. Take a look at a few of the industry leading benefits at the end of this article and if you don’t want to take our word for it you can read this testimonial on What Makes WAPPoint Different.

    You don’t focus on direct selling or sell online:

    So, you have decided to build your entrepreneurial empire online or have a B2B business where you almost never have requests for credit card payments. You can make use of our E-Commerce and Online Payment Terminal offerings and have the same amazing benefits that you’ll get from many of our other permanent merchant offerings.

    WAPPoint Online Payment Terminal

    Our clients who do not have a need for a card machine but need to complete credit card transactions from time-to-time love our online terminal. This product is free to all permanent WAPPoint clients with other devices as a value added benefit. The online terminal is a platform where you fill in the cardholder’s info on your customer portal on our website and process the transaction from there.

    In our CRM portal you have the added benefit of viewing all of your transactions reporting, invoices and settlements right there. Take a look at this blog post 5 Reasons Why You Need Transactions Reporting to see why this service is most definitely one that you want. In the end, with us you are able to get connected quickly and conveniently for a short term or long term rental, permanent rental or both whilst getting great service at a competitive price!




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