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    Let's Get Personal: What Your Exhibition Attendees Tell Us But Don't Tell You

    As a design and project management agency that is committed to out-maneuvering the competition through creativity and exceptional organisational skills, it’s uncommon to find members of our team attending various exhibitions and conferences, as attendees, to accumulate research to assist in the ceaseless process of sharpening our edges.

    When present at these events, we’re not only seen as individual representatives of our company, but we also make it a point to step away from business, and to adapt the view of the simple attendee. This involves acknowledging the very crucial fact that 21st century attendees and consumers are smarter than ever before. We’re comparative, spoilt for choice, and we know exactly what we want. Money is indispensable, often earned with difficulty, and granted with the expectation of huge responsibility. Every decision to partner is, as it should be, well calculated.

    From what we have gathered, it’s not always the big show-off attractions that make a marketing event successful, whether in a large hall or on your 15 square metre exhibition stand. With Rachel Sprung from HubSpot’s assistance, here are some of the pointers that exhibition attendees tell us, but don’t tell you:

    1. The “little” thing DO Count
    The unexpected special surprises that co-ordinators throw in, the prizes or giveaways, and the contests that take place. These REALLY do matter, and in order to perfect these, you have to know and understand your audience. Find out what entertains them, what they would appreciate as gifts, what their expected experience is, and how to make this experience even better. Everyone loves to be blown away.

    2. Mobile Chargers at your conference or on your exhibition stand
    Everyone is on their phone at exhibitions and conferences. Whether they're tweeting, checking their email, or trying to meet up with other attendees, their phone is most likely going to be at 50% battery life by lunch time. Giving out mobile chargers as event swag is the best way to fix that problem, and make every attendee love you, learn and remember your name. Not only will attendees be pleasantly surprised when they see such a practical and thoughtful gift, but they will be able to engage even more throughout the conference via their mobile devices. Furthermore, a mobile charger is something that will continue to be used long after the exhibition or conference is over. And what does this mean? Your logo will be visible long after your conference ends!

    3. Keychains and Pens
    Keep them to yourself, attendees no longer want these items. File 13!

    4. Notebooks and Notepads
    Technology is great, but when laptop, smartphone, iPad, and tablet batteries are dead, everyone needs a notebook! When it comes to this give-away, quality is important. Don’t make the mistake of patronising your guests by giving them cheap products, they will store it in the “free stuff I might give to my nephews” drawer (which is usually the very last place anyone looks). You don’t want that. Pay attention to quality, and of course, brand it!


    5. Re-usable Water Bottles
    It may sound like a simple idea, but a re-usable water bottle is one of the most valued items to give out at an exhibition or conference. And we’re not talking about the clear, thin plastic water bottles, but the thicker bottles that can, whether by accident or on purpose, sit under direct sunlight and not shrink. With the recent emphasis on events going green, re-usable water bottles are a great way to help the environment while also providing a lot of convenience to event attendees. Instead of grabbing a glass of water, having to hold onto the glass, or putting the glass of water on the floor risking having it spill, attendees can just fill up their water bottles and carry them in their bags.

    Well, you got the scoop from us, now it’s up to you to blow your attendees away!

    SSQ Exhibitions is a design and project management agency that is dedicated to creating targeted brand experiences, especially customised for YOU! If you would like to contact the SSQuad to discuss your requirements for your next project, send us and email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us on: 011 792 1241

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