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    Incorporate effective, and yet cost-conscious lighting into your Exhibition Stand Design

    Effective exhibition lighting plays a fairly significant role in the outcome of your exhibition stand design and layout. Incorporating effective lighting into your exhibition design offers a myriad of benefits; including everything from highlighting key products and drawing visitors towards your exhibition stand, to directing traffic and adding eye-catching colour, messaging, and motion.

    The common glitch is that when each penny spent must be stretched as far as possible, most exhibitors have to keep a close eye on every exhibition line-item cost, regardless of whether it's a giveaway or the entire theatrical-lighting package.

    In this article are five money-saving strategies specifically composed towards minimising lighting design costs. If used wisely, you might be able to afford a spectacular lighting design on a modest budget.

    1. Once you have sourced an exhibition stand designer that you are most comfortable to work with, review your initial lighting design concept together.

    Collaborate with your exhibition stand designer and go through your lighting plan together. Identify what it is that you have envisioned for your stand, and your exhibition stand designer will raise effectiveness and cost-related lighting concerns, offer suggestions, and determine what is feasible. During the exhibition stand design phase, your designer can give you a good idea about what lighting strategies will and won't work with the proposed design, and where you might run into problems.

    2. Ask for cost-saving lighting tips prior to finalizing your exhibition stand design.

    During the initial exhibition stand design meetings, ask your exhibition stand designer for cost-saving alternatives. Sometimes simply moving a stand element forward or backward a couple of feet can represent the difference between hanging a light directly from a venue structure, as opposed to having to add complex rigging for your truss system, which is a much more expensive option to hang the same fixture. Ensure that all the elements and displays on your exhibition stand are lighting and design friendly.

    3. Insist that exhibition stand designer other suppliers collaborate on your exhibition stand installation-and-dismantle plan.

    Particularly when there are multiple suppliers involved, make sure everyone has a voice in the I&D plan. To ensure that every minute of I&D labour is put to good use, the process must be completed in a logical sequential order, from laying carpet or tiles and installing truss, to focusing spotlights. If all of the key players aren't involved in the I&D planning process, your installation could be a budgetary disaster if one team has to stand around waiting for another to finish its job, while everyone charges per hour.

    4. Don't piecemeal your lighting plan.

    Instead of hiring a turnkey exhibition stand designer, some exhibitors enlist their own internal staff to piece together their lighting programs, often spending dozens of hours sourcing equipment rentals, lining up labourers, choreographing shipping, and developing an I&D schedule. While you might save a penny or two, you'll likely spend more in the long run. Let your exhibition stand designer and partner manage the entire process.

    5. Prioritize your tactics.

    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you still might not have enough money in your budget to support the lighting plan you've devised. Or, you could hit an unexpected snag; such as a company merger, major budget cut, or new-product introduction that eats up a big portion of your budget, leaving you scratching your head about how you're even going to get your exhibition stand to the show venue much less light it effectively.

    So always have a game plan as to what lighting elements are most important and what you might be able to eliminate if disaster strikes, and to then communicate this plan to your exhibition stand designer. If they know what elements might hit the chopping block at some point, they can better plan rigging, and design around these potential changes and squeeze every penny for all it's worth.

    SSQ Exhibitions is a design and project management agency that is dedicated to creating targeted brand experiences, especially customised for YOU! If you would like to contact the SSQuad to discuss your exhibition stand requirements, you’re more than welcome to call us on: 011 792 1241 or send us an email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Information sourced from the following source:
    - The Exhibitor Online



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