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    Solidify Brand Loyalty with your Clients through Exhibitions

    Living in the 21st century, we’re consistently reminded of the depths that the human mind has yet not explored. Computers are getting smarter and smaller, virtual is the new reality and our vehicles can type out and send our text messages as we drive. Competition in business is fierce. Consumers are smarter and pedantic; they expect immediate and sustainable solutions, quality and preference…all served on a silver platter. With living in the 21st century comes CHOICE.

    Regardless of the nature of the product, dependent on budget and other significant factors, 99% of the time, we are presented with options, dressed and marketed in various exteriors. Consumers, in this day and age, do not HAVE to be loyal, you upset them once, and they move camp to your competitor who’s only too happy to fill your role. The sooner brands realise and accept this, is the sooner they can develop and implement efforts to ensure that they do not lose their existing Clients.

    According to Outsourced Brand Support, “in marketing there is arguably nothing better than knowing that you have successfully cultivated a customer into a position of genuine brand loyalty. This is the “holy grail”, as loyal customers are invariably more engaged with your brand and the activity surrounding it, and are much more likely to become a brand advocate and share their passion for your brand with others”. In our individual capacities, we advocate for our preferred brands all the time, and this is the relationship you should aim to maintain with your Clients.

    Exhibitions – Stay on top of mind with your Customers:

    Exhibitions offer irreplaceable interactions with your current and prospective Clients, they assist you in increasing awareness of your brand, authenticity, and excitement over your offerings and the brand itself. At an exhibition, brand representatives are able to communicate with their audience on their exhibition stands to gather reliable and valuable opinions that will give their brand a clearer idea with regards to their positioning. For this reason and others, brands will always understand the value of exhibitions, as they understand that brand loyalty is built on a foundation of every interaction a customer has with a service.

    When customers are loyal to your brand, they don’t stop there, they actually become emotionally attached to your brand, and word-of-mouth marketing appears more promising from each Client. When exhibiting at an exhibition, and if your presence is marketed well, you can expect to find a substantial number of consumers, encouraged by one of your existing Clients, to come meet and experience your brand for themselves. Nail your first impression there and then, and you’ll have even more brand advocates on your side. And with that said, exhibitions allow you to be present at touch points which matter most to your consumers, and provide an emotional connection.

    Your Exhibition Stand – Remind your Clients that they made the right choice

    As humans, we enjoy bragging and showing off about the people and the things that we take pride in, and this is exactly what each brand needs to bear in mind when exhibiting at an exhibition or trade show. Be proud of your exhibition stand, and ensure that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to functionality, quality, and lead generation. Ensure that your stand communicates your corporate identity and culture, that it assists in meeting your set exhibition objectives, and that it has presence.

    With the above in consideration, re-evaluate your brand positioning with your existing Clients, if it’s negative or “satisfactory”, change that, and solidify their brand loyalty.

    SSQ Exhibitions is a design and project management agency that is dedicated to creating targeted brand experiences, especially customised for You! If you would like to contact the SSQuad about your exhibition stand, conference, or any other project requirements, click here, and send us your brief.

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