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    Trade Shows and Exhibitions: Speak the Language (Part 2)

    In Part 1, we shared industry terms from the letter A – M.

    With assistance from the Exhibitor, herewith is Part 2 of the A – Z glossary terms for your perusal, covering the letters N – Z:

    - N.O.H.M: Not Otherwise Herein Provided.
    - Net Square Footage: The total amount of leased exhibition stand space in an exposition facility.

    - O.R: Owner’s Risk.
    - O.T. Labor: Work performed on overtime.
    - Ocean Bill of Lading: A contract between an exporter and an international carrier for transport of merchandise to a specified foreign market. Compare Inland Bill of Lading, Through Bill of Lading.
    - On-site: A reference to the exhibition location. Also called At-site.
    - On-site Order: Floor order placed at a show site.

    - Panel System: A prefabricated exhibition stand composed of connected rectangular panels of various sizes.
    - Particle Board: A panel made of compressed, glued wood chips.
    - Peg Board: The trade name for a type of hardboard with perforations at regular intervals. Usually used for hanging items.
    - Peninsula Display: An exhibition stand with aisles on three sides.
    - Pipe and Drape: Tubing covered with draped fabric to make up the rails and backwall of a trade show.
    - Portable Exhibit: A lightweight display unit that can be moved without a forklift.
    - Power Strip: A movable unit having multiple electrical outlets.
    - Prefab: A pre-built exhibition stand ready for installation.
    - Press Kit: A package of materials put together for the media. Usually a folder containing press releases, product announcements, and other materials.
    - Pro Forma Invoice: An invoice sent to a buyer prior to the shipment of merchandise which provides detailed information about the kinds and quantities of goods to be shipped.
    - Pro-number: A carrier-assigned number used to designate a specific shipment.

    - Quad Box: Four electrical outlets in one box.

    - Raceway: Metal or insulated rubber tubing used to channel electrical wires.
    - Rail: A low wall used to divide exhibition stands.
    - Rear Illumination: A technique of using a light source to illuminate a translucent image from behind. Also called Back-lighting.
    - Refurbish: The process of repairing or reconditioning an exhibition stand to extend its life span.
    - Relay: An electrical device used to produce programmed effects by interrupting the flow of current.
    - Release Forms: Forms provided by show management to permit the removal of materials from an exhibition.
    - Rental exhibition stand: A complete exhibition stand package offered to exhibitors on a rental basis.
    - Return Panels: Side panels joined perpendicular to the backwall.
    - Rheostat: A device used to regulate lighting intensity. Also known as Dimmer Switch.
    - Rigger: A skilled worker responsible for handling and assembly of machinery.
    - Right To Work State: A state where no person can be denied the right to work because of membership or non-membership in a labour union.
    - Riser: A platform for people or materials.

    - S.T Labour: Straight Time Labour. Work performed during normal work hours at the standard rate.
    - Schematic Model: A diagram in model form.
    - Scissors Lift: A motorized platform used to lift people to a given height.
    - Scrim: Fabric which is opaque when lighted from the front and transparent when lighted from the rear.
    - Self-contained Exhibit: A display which uses the shipping case as an integral part of the exhibition stand.
    - Service Kit: A packet of show-related information and order forms provided to exhibitors by show management. Also called an Exhibitor Kit.
    - Set-up Drawing: Drawings which give detailed instructions for the installation of an exhibition stand.
    - Show Break: Time specified for the closing of an exhibition and beginning of dismantling.
    - Show Decorator: A company or individual responsible for providing draping, carpeting, and signage services for the trade show and its exhibitors.
    - Shrink Wrap: A process used to seal materials in transparent plastic.
    - Side Trail: A low divider wall, usually pipe and drape, used to divide one exhibition stand space from another.
    - Sign Standard: A frame on a stand into which a sign can be inserted for display.
    - Silk Screen: A method of creating graphics with a reusable stencil.
    - Skid: A low wooden frame used to support heavy objects or groups of materials for easier handling. Usually used as a platform for objects moved by forklift. Also called Pallet.
    - Skirting: Decorative covering around tables and risers. - Soffit: A lowered portion of a ceiling.
    - Stanchions: Posts used to support signage or other elevated objects.
    - Swag: Stuff We All Get, or Stuff We All Giveaway.

    - T.L: Truckload.
    - Table Top Display: An exhibit designed for use on the top of a table or similar surface.
    - Talent: An individual or company hired to work on an exhibition stand to greet visitors, demonstrate product, or stage a performance.
    - Target Date: A date set by show management for the arrival of freight at a trade show. Usually shipments received before or after this date are assessed a penalty charge.
    - Teardown: The dismantling of an exhibition stand. Also known as Take-down.
    - Telescopic: Tubing in which one section slides inside another. Used to support drapes.
    - Three Wire: Electrical cable with a continuous ground wire in addition to a positive and a negative wire.
    - Time and Materials: A form of billing in which a consumer is charged for labour costs (time) and materials.
    - Traffic Flow: The movement of visitors through an exposition or an exhibition stand.
    - Transient Space: Short-term rental space.
    - Truss: Structural element hung above an exhibition stand for the purpose of hanging lighting equipment to illuminate exhibit components.
    - Twist Lock: A type of electrical plug that connects by twisting together.

    - U.L: Underwriters Laboratory. An organization which grants electrical ratings.
    - U/W: Underwriter.
    - Union Steward: An on-site union official elected by co-workers to oversee a particular union’s work in a facility and resolve any disputes over union jurisdiction. Also known as Shop Steward.

    - Valance: An overhead banner typically used as a light baffle.
    - Velcro: The trade name for a fabric closure with two components: hooks and loops. The two components adhere when pressed together and separate when pulled apart, allowing repeated use.
    - Visqueen: A clear plastic sheeting that is placed over exhibition stand carpeting after its laid in order to protect it until the show opens. Visqueen also allows stand components to slide on top of it during setup, allowing you to align various components by simply pushing them into position.

    - W/B: Waybill.
    - Wallboard: A construction product used for panels which are temporary.
    - Warehouse Receipt: A receipt issued by a warehouse for goods received for storage.
    - Wharfage: A charge assessed for handling cargo at a pier.
    - Work Rules: Regulations that specify the conditions of a craftsperson’s labour, including work hours and pay structure.
    - Work Time: The period of paid time which begins when crafts persons are turned over to an exhibitor and ends when they are released by the exhibitor.

    - There are no terms in the glossary starting with that letter.

    - There are no terms in the glossary starting with that letter.

    - Zoo: The exhibition stand two hours before the show opens!

    Information retrieved from the following source:
    - Exhibitor



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