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    Make your exhibition stand THE party that people want to attend

    Reading a title like this one might take a few people back into memory lane, back to the days when we were younger, clumsy and passionate about fun and excitement. And whether it’s admitted or not, we all appreciate valuable interaction that excites, and this is the train we’re jumping onto today.

    We currently live in the 21st century, a new age that is driven by change, development and substitution. We thrive on trial and error as we explore, but fortunately for human kind, there remains an important constant: face-to-face interaction. Trade shows, conferences and exhibitions allow individuals from all walks of life to educate and meet with one another, to grow businesses, strengthen economies and develop relationships. Yes, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions, if planned strategically, offer irreplaceable value. But do they have to be tedious?

    “Turn your exhibition stand into an event”, one of the articles we’ve published a while back, gives exhibitors and organisers an idea on how they can sell an entire experience, as opposed to selling just a product. Creativity, innovation, excitement and result have become the eventing benchmark around the globe today, and exhibition organisers, exhibition stand designers and project managers need to understand and communicate this to their Clients. Most people lead time consuming and “serious” lives…why not make your exhibition stand at your trade show, conference or exhibition an experience that they cannot forget, and therefore one they look forward to attending again the following year?

    Here are a few points to help you make your exhibition stand the party people want to attend:

    1. A custom exhibition stand design that catches the eye

    Custom exhibition stands allow room for creativity. Attendees are drawn by what they see, playing with various textures and colours, whilst still remaining true to your Corporate Identity and intended brand message, steps your company away from the mediocre. Directing focal attention towards a newly released product or service also encourages people, out of pure intrigue, to inspect the new product, the rest, the actual exhibition stand and the company itself.

    2. 3D Holographic Presentations

    This refers to three-dimensional, life-size illusions that move and interact within a live stage setting. That means a whole new way of giving presentations and engaging audiences on your exhibition stand.

    3. Live Interviews

    Make people feel like they are a part of the event. Appoint a representative to circulate your exhibition stand, interacting with your attendees, asking for their opinions and whatever else that is relevant. Portray this interaction on a screen, and kill two birds with one stone: Attract and educate.

    4. Wi-Fi Party

    Wi-Fi connectivity is and remains a major issue in the exhibition industry. Be a smart exhibitor and capitalise on the lack of good coverage most exhibition shows have by providing your own Wi-Fi for free to attendees on your stand.

    5. Provide work space and plugs

    Make provision for a space that will allow attendees to sit and spend some time working and relaxing on your stand. This creates an irreplaceable competitive advantage because everyone at the exhibition show will know your stand is the place to go to recharge their physical and mental batteries.

    If the above is what you seek, contact SSQ Exhibitions, we are at your service.



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