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    Exhibition Show and Exhibition Stand Etiquette

    Regardless of the size of your exhibition stand and/or exhibiting space, event marketers attend exhibition shows and selected conferences for brand management, and primarily, lead generation.

    And while some exhibitors who select exhibition stand staff that take pride in their ability to spot a live prospect and avoid everyone else, staying focused only on revenue often damages their brand.

    Often, event planners and exhibition project managers are asked to manage one or more of their Clients’ exhibition stands, and they can help enhance the investment by sharing some exhibition show etiquette rules:

    1. Greetings and body language on your exhibition stand

    The staff on your exhibition stand can easily influence attendees to stay longer. The following body language will help convey a professional and approachable demeanor:

    - Stand up and greet attendees – in front of the exhibition stand
    - If seats are needed, use tall stools that make it easy to achieve eye contact when seated.
    - Smile and make eye contact with attendees from all directions.
    - Spend most of the time speaking with the attendees, not colleagues.
    - Sit down only if you are with a Client who also wants to sit.
    - Do not cross arms or legs.
    - Be mindful of other people on the exhibition stand and near your space.
    - Avoid entering the space of another exhibitor.
    - Thank attendees for spending time on your exhibition stand when they arrive and when they leave.

    2. No food or beverages for staff on your exhibition stand

    Even though this may seem more of a segment that should be included with greetings and body language, it deserves its own category. One of the most common exhibition show etiquette violations occur when food and beverages are kept within the stand for personal consumption.

    It is fairly easy to spot napkins, wrappers, plastic bottles and other items that are not meant to form a part of the exhibition stand. It may sound elementary, but do remind stand staff to avoid eating, drinking and chewing gum whilst in or around the structure.

    3. Staff Hours

    Exhibition stand or show staff are usually responsible for stand setup, and they should arrive early enough to make sure that all materials are appropriately displayed and ready for the show. Hire enough staff members to ensure that attendees are constantly attended to, and to make room for necessary lunch and bathroom breaks. It is also important to highlight the exhibition show hours, and to make sure that representation remains in the stand through till completion of the scheduled hours.

    4. Engage Attendees

    People attend exhibition shows for a definitive reason, so it is important for your exhibition stand staff to quickly introduce themselves and ask attendees questions quickly to find out if they can help them in any way.
    Most of the people attending an exhibition show have a relevant reason to learn more about your products and services, so offer them a brief overview from the script and continue the conversation from there.

    5. Script

    Exhibition stand staff should each get assigned a specific area of the exhibit to cover, and should have the expertise to convey important company information to attendees at all times, there should be little that they cannot answer or contribute to.

    Representatives on your exhibition stand should be prepared to answer questions and understand where to obtain more information. The stand should be managed by one person who has that expertise and/or authority, and that person should be accessible at all times.

    6. Dress Code on your exhibition stand

    Attire is something that differs from organization to organization. Some companies have corporate apparel (e.g., polo shirts, sport coats, dress shirts, etc.) while others give employees some direction on personal attire with colours and clothing style.

    Attire helps to reinforce exhibition stand themes, and should also be perceived as respectful of the organizers and attendees as well.

    7. Exhibition stand set-up and maintenance

    Event managers typically direct exhibition stand staff to store the unattractive boxes and supplies in spots such as behind a wall, under a fully skirted table, or in a location outside the exhibiting area where additional supplies are stored.

    It is important that the space appear well maintained at all times (including the floor), and trash should not be anywhere within view. Exhibition show etiquette requests that workers be mindful of this rule throughout the entire day.

    Information retrieved from the following source:
    - About.com Event Planning




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