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    EXSA Membership Benefits and Costs

    EXSA has many categories of membership open to the industry and the participants therein. The importance of these categories and the need for separation are due to the many different parameters pertaining to each one and for ease of reference for potential clients to recognise the services and products on offer by members. The various forums within EXSA foster communication in the categories, and with the other categories.

    The exhibition process is a vast collaboration between the venue, organiser, designers, stand builders, service companies, exhibitors and visitors. EXSA fosters communication and a healthy rapport between all members to ensure the continued growth and quality of the exhibition market.


    EXSA Student Membership

    Ex. VAT
    • Login in with EXSA generated email*
    • Full access to website - all content available
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Open forum discussion
    • Invitations to attend events
    • Mentor Match programm with EXSA Members
    • Student Directory page - linked to social profile


    EXSA Startup*

    Ex. VAT
    • *under R 1 million p/year
    • Full access to website- all content available
    • Newsletter & email communicationss
    • Open forum discussion
    • Dedicated forum access- member link
    • Awards access – submission and attendance
    • Invitations to attend events, seminars etc
    • Start-up membership directory page.
    • Start-up forum discussion access
    • EXSA gamification status
    • Effective 0% Vat status

    EXSA Affiliate* Membership

    Ex. VAT
    • *R 2 Million and over
    • Full access to the website- all content available
    • Newsletter & email comms
    • Safety File at cost of reproduction
    • All EXSA privileges at shows


    EXSA Primary* Membership

    Ex. VAT
    • *R 1 Million and over
    • Full access to the website- all content available
    • Newsletter & email comms
    • Open forum discussion
    • Dedicated forum access- member link
    • Awards access – submission and attendance
    • Invitations to attend events, seminars etc
    • EXSA opportunities forum
    • Membership directory page.
    • International project scoping forum
    • EXSA gamification status
    • Effective 0% Vat status
    • 1 dedicated newsletter blast


    EXSA Patron Membership

    Ex. VAT
    • Full access to website - all content available
    • Newsletter & email comms
    • Open forum discussion
    • Dedicated forum access- member link
    • Awards access – submission and attendance
    • Invitations to attend events, seminars etc
    • Membership directory page.
    • EXSA gamification status
    • Dedicated skills development forum
    • Dedicated grant /application pages
    • Ongoing sponsorship of forums and pages
    • Co-sponsor of one networking event
    • Recognition at events and awards
    • Best practices guide- contribution.
    • 4 dedicated newsletter blasts

    Why join EXSA?

    • The industry Association For South Africa
    • 29000 page views
    • Average time on site of just over 5min per visit

    The strength of our domain

    If you were looking for a supplier in the signage industry on the internet you type in EXSA - of course!


    Specials will be advertised free of charge throughout the websites. You can easily update these specials and specials are given an automatic expire data to keep them current.

    Simple to Use

    We give you all the power in the admin panel, so it is easy to manage your company listing.

    Keep your Details Updated

    Keep your company details updated by logging on, or call us to update if for you. You can update every element of your page, including all text, pictures, specials, events and videos.





    • Aims to protect and promote the interests of its members, exhibitors and the general public
    • Strives to increase the significance of Exhibitions within the marketing mix to demonstrate the power of one-on -one marketing
    • Promote and grow the Southern African Exhibition Industry

    The EXSA office distributes relevant and interesting press releases to industry-related publications. This has resulted in excellent coverage in print media. EXSA is featured in every edition of the Conference, Exhibition and Event Guide and EXSA members receive free copies of this publication.

    EXSA is actively involved in promoting the exhibition industry to SA Trade & Industry, SA Tourism and Government.



    Show and Stand Judging


    EXSA's Annual Awards recognise member companies for the excellent shows and stands they produce throughout the year. The judging aims to encourage healthy competition and professional standards.

    Green Awards


    In 2012,(EXSA) launched Green Award categories for its annual EXSA Awards, with the support of the Event Greening Forum, celebrating the exhibitions and stands that have gone the extra mile and incorporated greening.



    EXSA has the most current and validated research into the exhibition industry that was commissioned to Grant Thornton.

    These facts and figures demonstrate the worth of the exhibition sector as part of business tourism and aid all within the exhibition industry to market themselves more effectively. The goal of this research was to gain an understanding of the size and impact of the exhibition industry on the South African economy and on the tourism industry as a whole.



    EXSA's role as a mediator assists members to resolve disputes effectively. This encourages greater harmony and has had a positive impact on the industry.



    Networking meetings are held at intervals throughout the year to discuss industry issues and EXSA initiatives. These are also opportunities for members to network with other members and keep abreast of industry developments.

    Tender Access


    EXSA membership is a pre-qualification for some tenders in the industry and with some government departments.

    EXSA Awards


    EXSA is committed to the success of its Awards programme and wishes members every success in the competition.

    Getting an industry award shows your future customers that your business can be trusted, you provide excellent customer service, products and high quality business. Awards created for specialised areas of business may also bring in more customers. The EXSA awards not only show that you have been credited as the best for a specific aspect of the industry such as stand design or best exhibition, but could also be the reason that your business stands out. As a result customers could choose you when they previously didn’t know that you provided the particular service or even existed.



    • Recognition of excellence for EXSA members in their various fields of expertise
    • Generating an awareness of the importance of service to the exhibition industry
    • Showcasing our world class standards and services and marketing this to potential exhibitors and visitors
    • Demonstrating the impact and the power of the exhibition medium to foster growth
    • Striving for continued quality in an environment of excitement and creativity
    • Encouraging collaboration between members to contribute to the continued success of our industry

    The EXSA Awards should not be confused with the awards which organisers give to exhibitors at their exhibitions. The EXSA Awards is for Venues, Organisers and Suppliers members and not the exhibitor.

    To find out more about the judging procedure, or to submit a stand or show for judging email info@exsa.co.za. The awards evening takes place at the end of each year.



    EXSA continues to develop and maintain strategic relationships with associations, including South African Tourism, SAACI, Department of Trade and Industry, Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Indsutry, Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sandton Tourism Association, Event Greening Forum and SACIA.

    EXSA has also formed strategic relationships with the Global Venue Forum, Dubai show and is part of the local organising committee for the UFI Congress taking place in 2017.

    Regional Representation


    Regional Forums are active in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

    The aim of regional representation is to grow membership outside of Gauteng and to provide members in those regions with access to EXSA's resources. These regional forums have been a success as EXSA has seen great interest and involvement from these areas.

    Million Rand Budgets
    Global Events

    About EXSA

    EXSA enables connections through the networking and communication of our Forums and via our website (www.exsa.co.za).

    Besides providing EXSA’s directory of members, an exhibitions calendar and news feed, the EXSA website also offers a wealth of knowledge and industry guidelines available to its members.



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