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EXSA would like to introduce you to the Board of 2023. We welcome our new board members, and thank all board members that have remained on the board.

The board is extremely enthusiastic and serious about tackling real issues that we are facing in the industry. They will be working on specific projects which will be unpacked and communicated to our members and the industry in due course. These projects will make a big difference in driving the quality of work produced and the relationships we have built, to the benefit of the industry.

As you can see, we have a blend of board members that is diverse and dynamic. This is part of the plan to ensure longevity, sustainability and excellent standards of work and ethics. many projects are ongoing and will begin to gain much more traction in the near future, while others are new concepts brought about by the needs of the industry at the moment.

EXSA thanks everyone who has stepped forward and raised their hand to be a part of this team, we wish them every success for what is to come. Thanks to all members for their involvement and support as the backbone of the association. We continue to rely on all of you for input and to fly the EXSA flag wherever you go, especially now, more than ever, with all the change that is happening.


Sibusiso Mncwabe 

Marketing Well

Vice Chair


Ishmael Atanasi 

GL Events


Ashona Maharaj 

Durban ICC

Beert Kuiken 


Gabi Babinszky 


Kelly Papas 


Kerry-Lee Bester 

Brilliant Branding

Liam Beattie 

Hott 3D

Nic Curle 


Co-Opted Directors

Daksha Vallabh 

Orange Orbit

Gavin Burgess 

Technology Partners

Kimendrie Pillay 

Johannesburg Expo Centre

Ross Wilson 

Urban Tonic