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Global Exhibitions Day (GED) is a day to celebrate and recognize the impact of exhibitions on global economies and communities.

In 2024, African associations AAXO and EXSA, in collaboration with EGF, are proud to join in this celebration on Wednesday, 5th June 2024, with the theme “Exhibitions are catalysts to sustainable futures”.

GED 2024 is an initiative driven by UFI, the global association of the world’s leading tradeshow organizers and fairground owners, as well as major national and international exhibition associations and selected partners in the exhibition industry.

With the aim of highlighting the importance of exhibitions as a crucial tool for sustainable development, GED 2024 carries four key messages:

  • Exhibitions drive progress: Exhibitions are platforms for discussing, creating, and showcasing solutions to universal challenges.
  • Exhibitions facilitate economic growth: Exhibitions are engines of economic growth, connecting industries and driving job creation.
  • Exhibitions are sustainable: Exhibitions provide a sustainable way to drive business and development by gathering communities in one place and managing our environmental impact.
  • Exhibitions connect people: Exhibitions are community builders, bringing people together face-to-face to connect, collaborate, and contribute.

The official website for GED 2024, www.globalexhibitionsday.org, offers various resources and tools to help organizations get involved in this global celebration.

Why South Africa / African involvement

AAXO, EXSA and the EGF are advocates of exhibitions and events playing a significant role in economic development and enablement.

Business events, including conferences, trade shows, and conventions, play a crucial role in driving economies and creating jobs in their host communities. They also contribute to the development of necessary infrastructure, making destinations more attractive to business travelers and investors.

Their contribution to economies is significant for example, The South African National Convention Bureau (SANCB) has partnered with the South Africa’s business event industry to bring 63 bids for international meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions to the country between 2024 and 2029.

These bids are estimated to have a combined economic value of R1,205,248,000 (US$65 million) and the potential to attract 46,470 global delegates. In the 2023/24 financial year, 16 of these bids have already been secured, which is excellent news for the economy.

These bids will bring in a total of R71 million ($3,8 million) between 2024 and 2025 and attract 2,505 international and regional delegates.

This achievement is a result of the SANCB’s investment of R5.7 million ($350 000)  through its bid support program to attract business events that align with the National Government’s development priorities.

Global Exhibitions Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate and raise awareness about the essential role of exhibitions and events in driving economies and connecting people, but it is also a reminder of the potential for future growth and development through business events.

AAXO, EGF and EXSA are proud to be part of this global initiative and invite all organizations to join them in celebrating GED 2024.

GED Cape Town Coffee Session

Cape Town are ahead of the curve and are celebrating GED with a coffee session on the 21st May at CTICC 2 coffee shop at 11am. Refreshments will be served.