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Fiscus Business Solutions

Fiscus Business Solutions provides bespoke professional business and sales services, access to finance, and financial services.  Our business is tailored for the logistics and associated industries.  We offer our clients the opportunity to focus on and reimagine their business through scalability, improved flexibility, and investment thus creating a more cost-efficient operation.

We understand the need for a business partner that can go the full distance – ensuring delivery of efficient services from the first day of entering into a partnership.  Through the provision of our effective services, we prime you to take on the demands of today and prepare you for the challenges of tomorrow.  By partnering with us you can recalibrate your business offering and capabilities.

The global economy depends on connection.  Our transport and logistics services provide fluid channels through which people and goods can move with speed, safety, and efficiency.

Industry leaders face unprecedented challenges brought on by rapidly evolving technologies, an unforeseen pandemic, and an increased responsibility to keep vital supply chains operational. We bring a deep understanding of how the transport and logistics sectors work, and our extensive experience, advanced analytics, and unparalleled network of experts gives us a unique ability to turn business pressures into opportunities.

This division offers:

  • Securing loads for vehicles
  • Securing vehicles for clients requiring transportation services
  • Warehousing, Distribution & E-commerce
  • Global best practice
  • Logistics/Supply chain solutions

We offer asset finance solutions tailored to your business’ needs. In determining the optimal funding structure, we consider the serviceability, commonality, broad-based usage and the productive life of the asset.  We typically fund moveable, income-generating assets and capital equipment that operate within the earth-moving, mining, construction, logistics, fleet rental, manufacturing, engineering, and alternative energy industries.

Our asset finance provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Expand your productive asset base aligned with market opportunities
  • Retain your working capital in your business
  • Optimise your costs and production efficiency by replacing and upgrading your assets
  • Relieve the opportunity cost of having cash tied up in your existing equipment and assets
  • Spread the cost of your productive assets in line with the revenue they generate


Our business consultants can assist you with adapting to today’s market dynamics, ensuring you remain competitive.  Our consultants are experienced practitioners who are customer-centric, delivery-excellence driven with the ability to navigate and manage complex projects, working effectively across diverse industry sectors.  We place considered focus on enabling and sustaining change and continuous improvement to help our clients thrive and grow.

Our services include:

  1. General and Administrative (need more info)
  2. Transported Asset Protection Association certified
  3. Industrial Relations
  4. Completion of Tenders:
  • Establishing whether you comply with the requirements
  • Bidders’ meetings and other compliance requirements
  • Work breakdown schedules
  • Risk cost calculation
  • Calculations and mark-ups, profits and payment
  • Taking industry knowledge into account

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Tel: +27 82 870 2757
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.fiscussolutions.co.za
Street Smart Office, Corner Pomona and Sim Roads. Pomona. Kempton Park