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Resource Design

Resource Design SA is a Design and Build Exhibition company offering a range of services for both local and international exhibitors.
In addition to traditional build expo stands, we provide a viable alternative to existing solutions in the exhibition industry. It’s a different approach to design, processing and strategy using environment-friendly materials. Our goal is environmental and economic sustainability.

Sustainable Exhibitions

Over the last decade, we have worked hard in the exhibition industry using EFB (Engineered Fibre Board or as we call is Eco Friendly Board), pushing boundaries (and our designers) while keeping sustainability at the core of everything we do. We offer creative and innovative solutions for exhibition and retail requirements. From concept and design to construction and project management.

Installation is quick, clean (dust free!) and mostly noise free. Production is done off-site and panels arrive flat packed ready to be built. The design can be modular and panels re-used multiple times. Excellent sound mitigation is an added plus, so the exhibitor doesn’t have to shout over his neighbours’ presentation.


Works exceptionally well


• Eco-Friendly builds
• Conceptualization
• Consultation
• Design
• Manufacture & Implementation
• Project Management
• International Partners and Presence (26+ countries internationally able to deliver the same solution anywhere)

Our model is that of collaboration. Existing partners, suppliers , staff , infrastructure, internal systems need only to adapt – and are all incorporated into an effective circular mindset and approach.

Resource Design is part of the Indigo 7 Ventures, a company that helps their companies to reach their full potential. Indigo7 collectively has decades of experience across a diverse range of industries which allows it to provide insight, investment and support to companies at any stage of their development.

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Tel: +27 82 893 6036
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.resourcedesign.co.za

2 Pearl Crescent Noordhoek Cape Town 7979